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Revolutionizing Data Security and Confidentiality

Cosmian, a trailblazing French start-up, has unveiled a technology that promises to transform how businesses handle encrypted data. This innovation ensures data remains confidential and secure while still being accessible for essential operations. The technology is particularly promising for sectors that require data sharing or pooling across multiple entities, such as banking and Fintechs, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and connected automobiles.

The co-founders and leaders of Cosmian, Raphaël Auphan, Bruno Grieder, and Sandrine Murcia, have collaborated closely with encryption specialist David Pointcheval, who heads the computer science department at ENS, Paris. Their primary goal? To harmonize the vast potential of data economy with the imperatives of data protection and confidentiality.


Real-world Applications and Collaborations

Currently, Cosmian is rolling out its initial experiments with clients across various sectors, including banking, insurance, healthcare, energy provision, and cybersecurity. Sandrine Murcia, one of the co-founders, elaborated on the company’s vision, emphasizing the unique encryption method they employ during data utilization. This approach is especially appealing to data science teams, IT, and cybersecurity units. It offers a solution to scenarios where multiple stakeholders wish to collaborate by sharing data but are hesitant due to confidentiality concerns. One of the intriguing applications Cosmian is exploring is in the realm of connected cars.

Earlier in March, Cosmian secured funding of €1.4 million from the French fund Elaia, with contributions from several independent investors. This funding aims to transition groundbreaking innovations from the lab to practical, real-world applications.


The Threefold Technological Framework

Cosmian’s technology is built on three foundational pillars:

Cosmian Zero Trust
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Cosmian for SaaS Applications
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Cosmian for Confidential Computing
Elevate collaborative efforts on sensitive data. Cosmian ensures that neither code nor data is ever revealed in plaintext, even during processing.
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Furthermore, Cosmian’s technology can be installed on-premise or in a private cloud. It can also leverage the vast processing capabilities of the public cloud, ensuring computations are securely executed off-site, with results then brought back to the client. This flexibility has garnered significant interest from cloud service providers.


The Road Ahead for Cosmian

Having been in the industry for a year and a half, Cosmian now boasts a team of eight, including PhD specialists in encryption. As they work towards finalizing a product set to launch in a year, the start-up is actively engaging with potential clients, showcasing the potential of their novel technologies. Sandrine Murcia emphasizes the intricate nature of their work but also highlights their close collaboration with researchers deeply connected to the industrial world. As more businesses get introduced to Cosmian’s technology, new use-case ideas continue to emerge, promising a bright future for data encryption and processing.