June 29, 2020 –

Cosmian announced today it has joined the Confidential Computing Consortium, an organization created by the Linux Foundation dedicated to accelerating the adoption of confidential computing.

Raphael Auphan, Co-founder & COO, Cosmian

“For their data-driven transformation and cloud migration, companies worldwide need strong data security at runtime. Cosmian combines cryptographic techniques such as functional encryption, homomorphic encryption and multi-party computation with trusted execution environments to protect both sensitive data and algorithms. Being part of the Confidential Computing Consortium allows us to join global players in the push to protect data-in-use. »

Confidential Computing protects data in use, enabling encrypted data to be processed in memory without exposing it to the rest of the system, reducing exposure to sensitive data and providing greater control and transparency. This consortium is among the very first industry-wide initiatives to address data in use, as current security approaches largely focus on data at rest or data in transit. The focus of the Confidential Computing Consortium is especially important as companies move more of their workloads to span multiple environments, from on premises to public cloud and to the edge.

Press Release: Confidential Computing Membership grows 60% within 9 months

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