Leveraging the most advanced cryptographic technologies, Cosmian CIpherCompute software solution allows for securing and protecting collaborative computation between different entities without ever exposing nor sharing data in clear text – hence never revealing the underlying data to computation participants. Across all industries, business organizations engage in major data projects for secure collaborative computation – this is a fundamental shift to solve the data paradox: reconcile sensitive data in use with no compromise on security nor privacy.

Paris, May 12, 2021: After 2 years of R&D and building on several pilot projects conducted with major French corporations, Cosmian – Enterprise software publisher for secured data processing – unveils and markets its first software solution: Cosmian CipherCompute.

Cosmian CipherCompute leverages the most advanced cryptographic techniques to unblock high value data-driven projects. While in use, sensitive data are no more shared nor exposed in clear text. This is a major shift in data usage: No more clear-text “data sharing”. 

With Cosmian CipherCompute, business organizations are now able for the first time to process collaborative computation over sensitive data between different entities without ever exposing, sharing the underlying data in clear text. Cosmian CipherCompute addresses the major challenges posed by big data collaboration.

A major shift in Enterprise data collaboration to develop new sensitive data in use projects – totally impossible to securely implement until now.

A few customer projects & industry use cases tackled by Cosmian CipherCompute:

  • Health: Pathology Scoring over combined data.
  • Financial Services: Data Science Modeling on sensitive identifiers from different internal data source
  • Financial Services: How to process KPIs on fraudulent IBANS
  • Cybersecurity: Detection of suspicious cyber events between cyber teams of different companies/supply chain environments.

« With Cosmian CipherCompute, we are now in position to implement our vision: to secure sensitive data in use – and unblock data in use collaboration between different entities while lowering the risk attached to processing sensitive data. In reality, Data teams don’t struggle with algorithm development, but with data access. With Cosmian CipherCompute, business organizations can now work securely on collaborative computation over sensitive data. Our initial customer project implementations have proven very successful, we already receive interest from outside Europe – which is very encouraging as our ambition is to become a world leader in sensitive data processing software solutions.” highlights Sandrine Murcia, CEO & co-founder.

#Deeptech : very advanced academic mathematics already applicable in Entreprise software solutions. 

Cosmian CipherCompute development has been jointly achieved with world-renowned academic cryptographic teams 

“We successfully passed the first challenge i.e developing robust coding from academic paper. Now, in launching Cosmian CipherCompute, we have completed the second challenge: from code to Entreprise software. This is a  major technical achievement we are thrilled to share with the largest possible audience. We’ve just realeased a Early Access program to allow developers to test our solutions for free.” says Bruno Grieder, CTO & co-founder.


Early Access Program to test free versions of Cosmian products: https://github.com/Cosmian/CipherCompute

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