Cosmian recognized for shaping the future of cybersecurity.

Exciting News: Le Point magazine, a leading French publication in science and technology, has honored Cosmian for shaping the future of cybersecurity with the Prix de l’Inventeur 2022. This prestigious award highlights our groundbreaking end-to-end encryption technology. Our innovation enables secure, privacy-preserving computations on encrypted data. Thanks to homomorphic encryption, you can share and process data without ever decrypting it. This eliminates the risks of data leakage or misuse.

This award recognizes our innovative technology, end-to-end encryption, which enables secure and privacy-preserving computations on encrypted data. With homomorphic encryption, data can be shared and processed without ever being decrypted. Thus eliminating any risk of leakage or misuse.


The Future of cybersecurity with actual business cases

Our end-to-end encryption is revolutionizing multiple sectors. These include healthcare, finance, energy, and smart cities. For instance, hospitals can now collaborate on medical research without risking patient confidentiality. Banks can detect fraud without exposing customer data.

We owe this milestone to our relentless focus on cryptography, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and business development. A big thank you goes to our team, partners, customers, and investors for their unwavering trust and support.

Bruno Grieder in Lepoint

Bruno Grieder in Lepoint


Cosmian: A Powerhouse of Talent

the realm of cybersecurity, few companies have managed to bring together such a diverse and accomplished team as Cosmian. Founded by a trio of experts—Raphaël Auphan, Bruno Grieder, and Sandrine Murcia—Cosmian is setting new standards in secure data management and encryption technologies. Their collective experience and unique skill sets have positioned the company as a leader in providing solutions for the future of cybersecurity.

  • Raphaël Auphan, an alumnus of CentraleSupélec, previously founded Zyken, a sleep technology company that was later acquired by Withings. His expertise in technology-driven solutions adds a unique dimension to Cosmian’s product offerings.
  • Bruno Grieder, a Ph.D. in computer science, founded Amalto Technologies, a company specializing in document exchange solutions. His deep understanding of software engineering and data management is a cornerstone of Cosmian’s technological prowess.
  • Sandrine Murcia, an engineering graduate from INSA, led marketing initiatives for Google in Europe. Her marketing acumen and strategic vision are invaluable in positioning Cosmian as a thought leader in the cybersecurity space.

The Advisory Board
The team also receives guidance from David Pointcheval, a CNRS Silver Medalist, further strengthening Cosmian’s commitment to cutting-edge research and innovation and David Gurle.


We want to thank Le Point magazine for this honor and congratulate the other laureates for making a difference with their inventions. We are thrilled to be part of this community of French innovators who are shaping the future of cybersecurity and beyond.

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