Pricing Programs.

The Early Access Program

Welcome to The Early Access Program (EAP). The program provides free access to pre-release builds of our products: feel free to try our new features out early in return for your valuable feedback.


In joining the EAP, you expressly acknowledge that the versions of the products may not be reliable, may not work as intended and may contain errors. Any use of the EAP products is at your own risk.



Standard Subscriptions.


Secure and protect your data and algorithms during collaborative computing.

Unlimited data sources in use and collaborative calculations in process.

Up to 15 users connected in active collaborative computations.

60,000 € / server / year. Contact us for further enquiries and demo.


Secure your data and algorithms at rest and during computation in ZeroTrust environments.

Unlimited data volumes & users

Unlimited APIs calls.

80,000 €/server / year. Contact us for further enquiries and demo.

ZeroTrust + CipherCompute

The full, cohesive software suite to secure and protect sensitive data and algorithms during computation.

Cosmian CipherCompute, full capabilities

Cosmian ZeroTrust, full capabilities.

Contact us for further enquiries and demo.

Use Cases

Discover how our Customers reconcile sensitive data in use with maximum security and privacy during data computation.


Discover how our Technology is addressing your needs for data security & privacy.


Learn how our Products secure and protect sensitive data in use and proprietary algorithms at execution.

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