Data encryption is your best weapon against security threats.

Ubiquitous Encryption is secure, with high performance.
And yes, it’s open-source.

No More Excuses. Move to data/s.

Ubiquitous Encryption:
Data is encrypted everywhere and at all times

Cosmian provides libraries and server components – including in SaaS – so that developers and data engineers can easily and transparently implement privacy-by-default in applications and big data processing chains & repositories.

And yes, it is open-source, so you know exactly what protects your processes and your data.

Cloudproof Encryption

Cloudproof Encryption for Big Data Repositories

Data is encrypted at rest using flexible, secure, modern cryptographic primitives that allow data partitioning, public key encryption, attributes rotation, & post-quantum resistance.

Microservice Encryption

Build a fully encrypted SaaS by deploying on-the-fly confidential microservices

Sensitive data & confidential algorithms stay encrypted while being processed in the cloud. Results are also only decrypted by authorized entities.

Minimum impact – Ultimate performance

Faster Encryption/ Faster Decryption

For a ciphertext for one partition

Less Ciphertext Expansion

Compared to cleartext size

Our focus is to deliver value and innovation
to best-in-class Technology Ecosystems.

Latest News

Our latest news, updates, topics of interest, food for thoughts.

Latest News

Our latest news, updates, topics of interest, food for thoughts.

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