Cosmian is looking for a passionate professional with significant UX skills

Job Description

You will be the main developer of a new B2B product front-end and as such you are expected to not only deliver the code but also to strongly influence its design using your UX skills in order to maximize our customers experience. The product is a very innovative B2B platform that enables confidential collaborative computing between companies by leveraging the latest advances in cryptography. The front end technological stack is React + Redux + Typescript; the backend is developed in Rust. 

The job is full-time. Work is an agreed mix of remote work from home and on-site in the Paris office. You must be based in the EU. The team makes extensive use of internal chat and face to face video sessions. Work is carried out in English; a command of the French language is not mandatory but is a plus. 

Required skills/qualifications

You must have at least a year of experience on these technologies and must be familiar with the work environment of a professional dev team and its tools (Git, CI, ticketing, etc…). The team is made of highly qualified senior developers and mathematicians: work quality and skills expectations are high. Our deep tech environment provides a great opportunity – which you are expected to take – to try new things and grow your skills.

About Cosmian

Cosmian is a young and ambitious software publisher whose ambition is to solve the Data Paradox: how to enable data Intelligence in a rapidly-rising data economy without compromising data privacy and security.

With the support of leading cryptographers, we are developing a unique approach to data protection & valorization for ecosystems handling sensitive data. Based on state-of-the-art cryptographic techniques, the Cosmian platform enables collaborative data computation on encrypted data without revealing the underlying data. Our platform uniquely combines secure computation techniques (functional encryption, fully-homomorphic encryption, MPC & TEE) to support various business vertical applications in B2B scenarios: financial data, health data, industrial data, geolocation, IoT…

Email us at – with subject “Open Position: Front End Developer” + attached resume

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