From Data Modeling to Security Operation Center, discover how you can now process confidential data while guaranteeing security privacy – leveraging state-of-the-art encryption techniques with Cosmian integrated, privacy-by-design solutions.

Our confidential collaborative data processing solutions address companies using sensitive, confidential data (personal or industrial) to improve their internal processes, current products & services and create innovative services – while making sure they operate with the maximum compliance with regards to data privacy and security.
Cosmian helps data-driven companies to dramatically lower the risk associated with manipulating sensitive data. While keeping their current data analysis working environment, our clients can now perform their calculations over encrypted data flows– with super strong data protection & privacy.

Whether confidential data are personal or patrimonial,

the same need prevails when it comes to share data sources: how to reconcile data usage while ensuring maximum security & privacy of the data.

Multi-Party Confidential Data Processing

Multi-Party Analysis of Medical Treatment Performance

Medical data rank high as sensitive private data when it comes to security and privacy. Breakthrough patient-centric services are expected to come out from crossing data sets from various origins (medical, genetic, environmental…) and allow for enriched data models at the service of better medical prevention.
Cosmian’s secured multi-party solution empowers different entities to collaborate on sensitive medical data analytics – such as a hospital, a medical device and a health tech company – to produce insightful results – without ever processing medical data in clear text

KYC & Scoring Platform

When it comes to strengthen know-your-customer (KYC) processes, third-party financial partners are ready to work hand in hand to secure a one-stop check process – but no one is ready to share access to its own customers’ confidential information in clear text. With Cosmian CipherCompute, each party can encrypt its customers’ confidential data and authorize only the KYC scoring algorithm to query the encrypted data – without ever revealing the underlying data.

Data Science Modeling from different internal data sources

Within the same Banking Group, different departments can now process legitimate analytics across internal services to deepen their Scoring algorithms without accessing each others’ client data in clear.
With Cosmian CipherCompute, Data Science teams can now augment & enrich data pooling by virtually creating “bigger” data pits, limiting data scientists exposure to sensitive data – while allowing them to build & test data science models.

Energy Optimization Model performed over Customer Confidential Industrial Data

Industrial data prove very insightful to help large customers optimize on-site production energy consumption. Although interested in optimization services, Industrial customers are indeed reluctant to share their patrimonial data in clear text.With Cosmian, optimization models can now safely run on third-party encrypted confidential data, enforcing data privacy

Detect common cyber events between cyber teams of different companies

In situations of malicious attacks, it is crucial for IT teams to quickly know whether the suspicious patterns they detect have manifested elsewhere, including in other – sometimes competitive – companies. This multi-party search needs indeed to protect the privacy of the concerned entities.
Based on Common Confidential Events Secret Search, Cosmian Augmented Cybersecurity solution allows multi-party SOCs & CERTs teams to interact with each other with no reveal of sensitive cyber information.

Zero-Trust Data Access & Processing in action.

Privacy-preserving Data Lake. Finally.

Implementing a data lake is a crucial phase for data-driven companies to better control, and process confidential data to fuel customer’s knowledge and drive innovation. In this process, a key issue for a Data Protection Officer (DPO) is to manage access to the data lake – including to external third-parties – while ensuring data security & privacy.With Cosmian, IT and data teams can ensure compliance with regulations and protection of sensitive identifiers while allowing data scientists to safely access the data lake, and generate business value out of the data.

Zero-trust Identity & Data Access Management

How to improve security in management & maintenance of access rights to data in the cloud.Advanced Attribute-based data encryption embeds “access control attributes” at the data level vs centralized software solutions – prone to cyber attacks.Cosmian’s Zero-Trust solution is application-independent, cloud-independent and supports multiple organizations.


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