Benjamin Coenen, Lead Engineer @Cosmian: Why and how we wrote a compiler in Rust (blog post series 2/X): the stack

Jul 13, 2021 | Cryptography, Data Privacy, Data Security

This post is the second post of the series about how we wrote a compiler in Rust at Cosmian for the CipherCompute product. If you missed the first one here is the link, I recommend you to read it to really understand what we’re trying to achieve and know the context.

As a reminder, the previous article explains our objective is to be able to execute a sMPC (secure multi party computation) program in a widespread and known language, Rust in our case. To achieve this, we developed a compiler named WaSca which takes Wasm (WebAssembly) and compiles it to bytecode understandable by the Scale virtual machine to run sMPC computations.


Medium: Why and how we wrote a compiler in rust (part 2): the stack

David Pointcheval est Médaille d’argent CNRS 2021.

Félicitations à David Pointcheval pour sa distinction! David Pointcheval est Directeur de recherche et directeur du Département d’informatique de l’École normale supérieure , spécialisé dans la cryptographie. David est un chercheur remarquable reconnu...

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