Building tomorrow’s Privacy-by-default standard.

The time has come to provision the computing revolution with the necessary tools to guarantee security & privacy at scale. Our company has seized the massive opportunity to provide the new world economy with state of the art cryptography widely accessible and directly integrated into applications through best in class developer tools.

At Cosmian, we believe in making post-quantum encryption simple

We aim to build the most comprehensive and reliable technological stacks based on state-of-the-art cryptographic techniques.


New advanced encryption techniques are at the service of data privacy.
Never lose sight that protection of confidentiality is the undisputable compass to guide every step of our product development and customers’ relationships.


Transparency builds Trust. And Trust is vital for all our ecosystem.
We operate with transparency in order to openly communicate about our business’s goals.


We pledge our commitment as a company to act as an equal opportunity employer. Strength lies in diversity.

Passion for science

We believe in science as the most exciting and rewarding human endeavour.

Software expertise backed by scientific knowledge.

Introducing the talents that make it happen everyday.

Théophile Brézot

Software Developer Engineer

Pierre Cabannes

Head of Sales

François Colas

Cryptography Engineer

Célia Corsin

Senior Developer

Emmanuel Coste

VP Engineering

Rémy François

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Thibaud Genty

Lead Engineer & DevOps

Martin Grenouilloux

Cryptography Developer Engineer

Bruno Grieder

CTO & Co-Founder

Chloé Hébant



Pauline Hochard


Sébastien Lambert

Lead Developer

Kevin Messy

Product Marketing Manager

Sandrine Murcia

CEO & Co-founder

Laetitia Langlois

Front-end Developer

Paola de Perthuis

Cryptographer / PhD Thesis

Sylvain Rieutord

Cryptography Developer Engineer

Thomas Ramahefasolo

Head of Customer Projects


Software Engineer


World-Class Advisors

The most well-renowned cryptographers and mathematicians. With a passion for entrepreneurial projects.

Experienced and successful enterpreneurs. With a passion for cryptography.

David Pointcheval

Head of the Crypto Team

Nigel Smart

Professor at COSIC,
KU Leuven

David Gurlé

Founder @Symphony
@Hive @Kuezt

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