World First: Cosmian’s client side encryption technology now available for Gmail in IaaS Mode

by Sandrine | June 25, 2024 | News

  • This technological prowess now guarantees the confidentiality of email exchanges between Gmail users and non-users.
  • Fully interoperable, the solution deploys simply and quickly without altering the user experience.
  • With this new advancement, Cosmian strengthens its position as a leader in client-side encryption.

Paris, June 25, 2024 – Deeptech company Cosmian announces a major technological breakthrough with the deployment of its encryption technology for Gmail. This integration marks a strategic milestone for the company as it continues its mission to deploy client-side encryption for the most widely used business applications. With its KMS (Key Management System), Cosmian now addresses the protection of messages exchanged on Gmail – which naturally constitute a reservoir of extremely sensitive data. With Cosmian, it is now possible to encrypt emails on Gmail very simply without altering the user experience.

Moreover, by leveraging Google’s client-side encryption (CSE) capabilities, the solution guarantees the security of email exchanges between Gmail users and non-users, maintaining confidentiality through S/MIME standards. Since the S/MIME protocol is already available “out of the box” with Outlook and Apple Mail, there is no dependency on Cosmian (i.e., no need to acquire a license) or any other interface to manage for external users of the company equipped with the solution. Finally, thanks to the strong integration of Cosmian’s KMS with Google APIs, all technical steps are performed at once, allowing mass creation of encrypted Gmail-compatible users.

“Existing email encryption solutions on the market are not only complicated to deploy but also do not maintain the user experience of the Gmail client. By securing Gmail and extending this security to other email clients, we offer enterprise users unprecedented peace of mind regarding the confidentiality of their exchanges on Gmail,” comments Sandrine Murcia, General Manager and co-founder of Cosmian.

About Cosmian

Founded in 2018, Cosmian develops solutions for securing cloud computing and confidential AI through next-generation cryptography. In partnership with the globally recognized cryptography team from ENS/CNRS/Inria, Cosmian has developed one of the world’s first post-quantum resistant cryptographic schemes.

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