Cosmian Covercrypt: The New Encryption Standard for Data Security in the Cloud Age

In today’s rapidly evolving cloud landscape, organizations face ever-increasing threats to their data security. As data breaches and unauthorized access become more prevalent, safeguarding sensitive information has become a top priority. However, the complexity of cryptographic solutions often presented organizations with a dilemma: choosing between top-notch encryption and enterprise-grade performance.

Introducing Cosmian Covercrypt, a revolutionary encryption scheme that combines attribute access policy, post-quantum encryption, and enterprise-grade speed. This groundbreaking combination of security, performance, and post-quantum solution marks a world premiere in data security. Empowering organizations to take control of their data protection like never before. The best part? Cosmian’s simple API makes it easy to implement, even for developers without any cryptographic experience.


Revolutionizing Access Control with “Two-Factor Authorization”

Traditional security measures often struggle to effectively address privilege escalation and unauthorized data access. However, Cosmian Covercrypt’s groundbreaking encryption scheme introduces a game-changing solution: the innovative “two-factor authorization.” 

This concept draws inspiration from the widely adopted and renowned “two-factor authentication” mechanism, which has proven to be a powerful tool for ensuring robust data security and access control. At the core of Covercrypt, this two-factor authorization feature plays a vital role in enhancing the system’s overall security. By requiring dual permissions, users must possess both the appropriate software application privileges and authorized decryption access based on attributes defined by a centralized IT division through an external Key Management System (KMS). This robust approach mitigates the risk of unauthorized data access, ensuring that sensitive information remains securely protected at all times.


Welcome to the era of post-quantum natives.

As the world enters the era of quantum computing, organizations must stay ahead of the curve to protect their data. Covercrypt leverages not only modern, proven encryption methods but also embraces post-quantum encryption schemes. Indeed, some of the information stored now may still be relevant 10 to 30 years from now: wire transfers, industrial secrets, medical files, etc. And currents “store now, decrypt later” attacks (where malicious actors store now encrypted data in the hope they will have the right tools to decrypt it later) make the post-quantum subject topical.

Covercrypt provides a future-proof solution that safeguards data in a post-quantum era by integrating post-quantum cryptography into its key encapsulation mechanism. This forward-thinking approach ensures that data remains secure even as quantum computing capabilities continue to advance, offering organizations peace of mind and protection against emerging security challenges.


Covercrypt: The Result of Cryptographic Research and Academic Excellence

At Cosmian, we are committed to equipping the new data economy with cutting-edge cryptography solutions that are easily accessible and seamlessly integrated into applications. To achieve this, our cryptographic experts collaborate with world-renowned academic teams specializing in cryptography, such as David Pointcheval from ENS and Nigel Smart from COSIC. Together, Cosmian team of “crypto-devs” translate complex mathematical algorithms into fast and efficient code, enabling anyone to quickly implement Covercrypt into their workflows and architectures.


The Perfect Blend of Protection and Performance.

While security is of utmost importance, organizations also need encryption solutions that don’t compromise operational efficiency. With Covercrypt’s enterprise-grade performance, organizations can strike the perfect balance between protection and speed. 

Leveraging lightning-fast operations, Covercrypt enables seamless data encryption and decryption, with classic ciphertext operations taking a mere 400µs in a post-quantum scenario. This remarkable blend of security and performance empowers organizations to implement robust data protection measures without sacrificing productivity or straining resources, making Covercrypt an ideal solution for real-life scenarios.


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