Cosmian has won the i-Lab 2019 Innovation Contest, a significant milestone just a year after its foundation. The contest, initiated by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation, supports innovative startups, especially in deep tech.


France Cybersecurity: Cosmian and National Initiatives Stand Out

In a world where digital threats are ever-evolving, France’s cybersecurity initiatives are making significant strides. One such success story is Cosmian, which recently clinched a victory in the i-Lab 2019 Innovation Contest. This achievement, coming just a year after its inception, underscores the nation’s commitment to fostering innovation in the cybersecurity domain. The i-Lab contest, backed by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation, is designed to bolster innovative startups, particularly those in the deep tech sector.

On February 18, 2021, France’s cybersecurity landscape received another boost. President Emmanuel Macron unveiled a comprehensive “cybersecurity” strategy, aiming to fortify and stimulate the sector. The CNRS, a cornerstone of French research, spearheads the initiative, with Gildas Avoine, a distinguished professor at INSA Rennes, at the helm. Avoine’s leadership and insights emphasize France’s cybersecurity prowess on the global stage.

The national strategy is not just about recognition; it’s about action. With a robust budget of one billion euros, the plan outlines a multi-faceted approach to enhance France’s cybersecurity infrastructure. From research and training to market access, the strategy is comprehensive. The overarching objective is to significantly amplify the sector’s revenue by 2025, while also championing the development of sovereign cybersecurity solutions. The urgency and importance of robust cybersecurity measures have been accentuated, especially in the wake of the pandemic, which saw a surge in remote work, online shopping, and telemedicine.

Central to this France cybersecurity strategy is the PEPR (Priority Research and Equipment Program). Jointly managed by the CNRS, Inria, and CEA, the program has been allocated a budget of 65 million euros. Under Avoine’s guidance, the initiative aims to elevate areas like multimedia data security and privacy protection, ensuring that France remains at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation.

In a bid to foster collaboration and innovation, a new Cyber campus, funded with 74 million euros, is set to open its doors in La Défense this year. This hub is envisioned as a melting pot for businesses, state services, academics, and startups, further solidifying France’s cybersecurity ecosystem.

Speaking of startups, they are central to the government’s vision for France’s cybersecurity future. Over the past few years, more than 20 startups have emerged from CNRS labs, including notable names like Cyber-Detect and Cosmian. The national strategy also introduces dedicated funding for SMEs and comprehensive training programs, ensuring that the next generation is well-equipped to tackle future cybersecurity challenges.

In conclusion, with institutions like the CyberSchool University Research School in Rennes and the unwavering support from the government, France’s cybersecurity future looks promising. As the nation continues to invest and innovate, it cements its position as a global leader in the cybersecurity domain.

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