IT teams in global banking organizations face immense challenges in safeguarding vast amounts of sensitive data critical to daily operations. One of our customers – a leading European Bank – needed to solve a tough but common case: when moving big data repositories and applications to the cloud, how to ensure the continuity of data access security & data processing in an environment you are not in full control anymore. This is why we built Cosmian Zero Trust.

By implementing Cosmian Zero Trust, the bank successfully turned their semi-private cloud into a fully-fledged zero-trust environment, hosting millions of daily transactions.

Through the implementation of Cosmian Zero Trust, the bank achieved a remarkable transformation of its semi-private cloud into a robust zero-trust environment. Their sensitive transactional data undergoes encryption before entering the data lake and remains encrypted throughout the payment applications’ processing. This ensures that the cloud provider never gains access to the bank’s data in clear text or comprehends the intricacies of its processing operations.




Are you in the Banking industry? Experience the same game-changing benefits that our customers have already achieved with Cosmian Zero Trust:


Turn your Hybrid Cloud Architecture into a Zero-Trust environment.

You can now seamlessly transition from on-premises infrastructure to a hybrid cloud architecture. We have you covered in taking advantage of the cloud’s scalability and flexibility while retaining access to your sensitive data.


Unparalleled Data Access Control secured by advanced cryptography.

Cosmian has developed a unique data-access cryptographic scheme that encrypts access-policy on the fly when data is encrypted. This robust approach mitigates the risk of unauthorized data access, ensuring that sensitive information remains only accessible to end-users with both application software privileges and the proper decryption key based on the access-policy attributes.


Top-notch performances.

When implementing encryption/decryption schemes to protect massive sensitive data repositories that support non-stop application processing, the #1 industry requirement is to perform encryption/decryption not exceeding 1ms. Cosmian Zero Trust achieves a 200-400 micro-sec speed with a maximum of 15%-20% in data size expansion. The IT cost of encrypting data has become nearly negligible.


Already post-quantum resistant.

Cosmian is one of the few companies worldwide to already offer post-quantum resistant encryption schemes. Setting us apart as a global leader in post-quantum resistant encryption. The extraordinary nature of financial information makes it crucial to anticipate the advancements in quantum computing that could compromise today’s encryption schemes in the next 5-7 years. By embracing Cosmian’s cutting-edge encryption technologies, you can proactively shield your most sensitive data from tomorrow’s potential threats.




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