The fintech industry is revolutionizing the financial landscape, especially as Open Banking advances the global Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sectors. Fintech startups or mature companies’ software solutions hold the power to tailor financial services by harnessing sensitive customer data. Yet, for fintechs collaborating with BFSI giants, surpassing stringent data security and privacy standards is paramount. Banks continuously emphasize cybersecurity and data protection to prevent attacks and sensitive data breaches – a primary concern in the industry. This is why we built Cosmian for SaaS Applications.

By implementing Cosmian for SaaS Applications, one of our fintech client secured a pivotal contract with a prestigious European Wealth Management firm.

By leveraging Cosmian for SaaS Applications, our fintech customer provided the bank’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with an ironclad assurance: the Fintech’s Cloud platform never reads their customers’ data in clear text at any time, or in any location. Sensitive data remains encrypted, ensuring strict security. Recognizing that enhanced security and privacy translate into vast business opportunities, our fintech customer strategically integrated Cosmian for SaaS Applications as their Privacy-by-default technology stack within their Open Banking offering.

Are you in the Fintech industry? Experience the same game-changing benefits that our customers have already achieved with Cosmian for SaaS Applications secure encryption solutions:


Leverage Fintech encryption to scale with large BFSI accounts.

Adopt a Privacy-by-default approach, ensuring that your fintech software can scale with top-tier BFSI accounts. Cosmian for SaaS Applications offers to Fintech sensitive data state-of-the-art encryption, high-performance solutions, post-quantum resistance, and a flexible Key Management System, all accessible through open-source libraries and APIs.


Swift Development and Integration for Quicker Time-to-Market.

For fintechs eager for a quick time-to-market, Cosmian for SaaS Applications seamlessly integrates with your existing SaaS platform and apps. Most of our customers, even without prior encryption knowledge, can embed our solutions into their applications in under three weeks.


Redefining Secure Data Access Control.

Our unique and popular “2-factor authorization” feature enables a more robust data access control governed by advanced access-policy encryption. You can ensure your BFSI partners that their sensitive information remains only accessible to customers and users with both application privileges and proper decryption keys defined in your KMS.


Stay Ahead with Regulatory Compliance.

Boost your fintech’s reputation and protect it from potential penalties. With Cosmian for SaaS Applications, your apps and platforms adhere to industry-best data security practices, making compliance with data security regulations straightforward.


Key learnings:

The importance of data security for fintech cannot be understated. Fintech companies, at the heart of financial innovation, are increasingly security-sensitive, catering to customers demanding the utmost in data protection. With rising cyber attacks targeting user information, these companies must adopt superior encryption practices. Encryption isn’t just about secure code; it’s about building trust. When users trust a fintech’s security measures, the company stands out in a crowded marketplace. Every piece of data must be securely handled, ensuring that fintech platforms remain resilient against potential threats and continue to serve their security-sensitive customers.