As businesses embrace cloud-based applications, SaaS adoption swiftly overtakes traditional commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS). However, relying on SaaS vendors for security responsibilities raises concerns for larger organizations. They must ensure that their security requirements are adequately addressed.

Our carpooling client, a prominent SaaS provider in the industry, faced difficulties during the integration of their application with a critical HR repository. The challenge was to fulfill the security requirements set by their key account to obtain the essential clearance for connecting with the company’s employee directory.

By implementing Cosmian for SaaS Applications, our customer met its key account security requirements and got the green light for the deal.

Even without prior cybersecurity expertise, our carpooling client’s development team adeptly implemented the comprehensive end-to-end solution provided by Cosmian. By utilizing Cosmian for SaaS Applications, they successfully addressed the security and data privacy concerns of their key account and attracted new prospects enticed by the seamless integration facilitated by agile security capabilities. As a result, they gained a competitive edge and began winning other contracts with this distinct advantage.


You can also outsmart competitors with the benefits of Cosmian for SaaS Applications:

Solve the security challenge for SaaS-adopting companies.

Through the integration of Cosmian for SaaS Applications, our customer has taken an active role in implementing robust security measures. This integration includes essential features that facilitate seamless connectivity with the enterprise stack, such as end-to-end encryption and an external Key Management System (KMS) operating independently from the Cloud provider. Moreover, our customer provides comprehensive guidance to Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), ensuring that product implementation aligns with regulatory requirements and internal policies. By implementing this solution, sensitive information undergoes consistent encryption, significantly mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches. Thereby instilling trust among prospects and paving the way for numerous opportunities for business growth.


Rocket boosts the SaaS application’s internal adoption.

When the carpool application implemented Cosmian’s solution, it immediately instilled trust and confidence among its employees. They now feel at ease sharing their data and actively engaging with the application. This newfound sense of security stems from their personal information being encrypted and protected throughout the entire data handling process. As a result, this heightened trust leads to more robust user engagement, increased user satisfaction, and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.


Competitive Advantage and Industry Differentiation.

By implementing Cosmian for SaaS Applications, the carpool application SaaS providers gain a competitive edge in the market. End-to-end encryption and robust data security measures become key selling points, attracting companies and organizations that prioritize protecting their employees’ data. This positions the carpool application as a reliable and secure choice, increasing customer acquisition and retention rates.


Do security issues often disqualify your SaaS solution from consideration?
Do you also need to assure your customers that their data will be handled securely?

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